Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

The Rooms & Rates!

The lockers of the 8-bed dorm

Here at Panba we try our very best to give you affordable room rates, while not resulting in scrawny, starving staff who crawl everywhere they go. It’ll be easy to tell we aren’t lying if you see for yourself how un-chubby (yet energetic!) our adorable staff members are.

While many of our lovable guests are already seasoned globetrotters who know their stuff, just in case you’re new, you should probably know that the majority of hostels and hotels will only list their per-person rates on sites such as Hostelworld and Tripadvisor, which can be misleading if you are traveling solo and want to book a double-bed private room, because you’ll still be charged for two people! (Go try it out for yourself!)

We don’t want to stray too far from the norm, but we don’t want to make you feel cheated either (heh), so we’ll just list both prices here. By the way, there is a discount for Hostelworld and YHA members, the rate of which will be marked!

TIP: Check out the availability of our Special-Rate Privates!


There are 2 types of dorms available:

8-bed dorm The public toilets are literally a 2-second walk away!
¥35 per person. (¥30**)

4-bed dorms – With a toilet included, practically a private ensuite if you’re travelling in a group anyway!
¥45 per person. (¥40**)

Double-bed Ensuite –
We LOVE romantics. (And people who just love really big beds)
¥75 per person (¥70**),  for 2 people, otherwise ¥150 (¥140**) for the room.

Twin-bed Ensuite – it’s usually fair if you travel in pairs.
¥75 per person (¥70**),  for 2 people, otherwise ¥150 (¥140**) for the room.

Special Rate Twin-bed Ensuite – Basically, we have extra twin-bed ensuites (just the same as the normal ones!) set aside, and if you are lucky enough to book them before anyone else, yes, you DO get this MUCH cheaper rate!
¥50 per person (¥45**),  for 2 people, otherwise ¥100 (¥90**) for the room.

The Deluxe EnsuitesWe were thinking, what do we do if we get a traveling family, or a group of really good, crazy, fun-addicted friends? That is why we decided to add an extra-large room to our hostel during the recently-completed renovations, containing 1 queen-sized bed and a double-bunk bed, the bottom bed large enough for a couple (or any one person who really loves to toss and turn). Even then, there’s space to fit more sleeping bags / grumpy kids / grumpy grandpas / grumpy grandmas / (quiet) pets / drunk unconscious people, AND/OR to play Twister (yes, in the very same room).

Possibly less than  ¥45 per person (¥40**),  for 5 people, otherwise ¥225 (¥210**) for the room.

**Rates through hostelworld bookings or for YHA members.

P.S. YHA Members get discounts on everything else as well! Food, drinks, washing, etc!


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