Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

Lijiang’s Hidden Gems!

“Ah Dog’s” Bar

Great cocktails & affordable steaks aside (¥58 for an Angus steak we think?), this is also where you’ll get to see one of the most amazing dogs in Lijiang! We think, it’s a Canadian Eskimo Dog, which is kinda like a Siberian Husky, just BIGGER, with much more WOW factor. A must-see for dog-(and drink)-lovers.

Freshnam Cafe

If you’ve been living in Lijiang for a while, and you love good live music, you’d most likely know about Freshnam Cafe. Opened by a Korean fellow, it is where passionate musicians gather to play and appreciate good live music. The bar seems pretty decent as well. The only cocktails we had were White Russians, since it just so happens to be the favorite cocktail of most of the Panba staff; but they were perfectly made, which probably goes to speak of the likely standards of the other drinks as well.

A little more about Freshnam Cafe here!

Pizza Luo

After working in a pizza restaurant for many years, Pizza Chef Luo decided to leave to open his own, sweet, cozy little pizza joint (there are only 2 tables). His pizzas are petite, yet overflowing with toppings on a super-crispy, paper-thin crust. Possibly the best pizza in Lijiang. There are few places in Lijiang more under-appreciated than this one, kept a very close secret by those who frequent it.

Take a look at Mr Luo’s “omg” pizzas here!

Love Letter Cafe

Coffee lovers only! Less than a month old, Love Letter Cafe is run solo by a guy who really just wants to share the joy and warmth of a really really good coffee. Warning: Coffee, the regular swill, anyway, will likely never taste the same again.

Check out the post of Love Letter Cafe here!

LMC – Lijiang Millionaire’s Club

LMC is a new cafe/bar in old town, the only one in the old town run by foreigners, and a good meeting place for travelers. Has free wi-fi, live music every night, film nights on Tuesdays, local and imported beers, wines from all over the world, as well as pizza, pasta and Indian meals. A beautiful, expansive breakfast menu, and really good pizzas. Well-loved by travelers, but is it better than Pizza Luo’s? We will have a comparison article soon! When it all comes down to it, of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Our trip to LMC was documented here!

N’s Kitchen

To many travelers, the place to get your comfort food, pizza, pasta & burgers, N’s Kitchen is where you get that GOOD little break from the traditional food of China. Read more about N’s Kitchen here!

Across the Bridge Noodles

Pretty much every food-loving traveler asks about the signature dish of Yunnan. And it just so happens that, to us anyway, we think that the one right here happens to be really REALLY good.

Find out more about the noodles here!


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