Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

Feel like a cuppa?

Of the simple things in life, few are more enjoyable than a good, passionately-made cup of coffee. Often we get guests who are serious coffee-lovers, who moan and groan about the difficulty of finding a great cup of coffee in China. In our opinion, the problem isn’t due to the coffee being unavailable, but rather the fact that serious cafes can be hard to find. 

Yunnan, after all, is well-known for its very own Yunnan Coffee Beans, much-loved by locals and tourists alike. Due to the altitude of Lijiang, the water just-so-happens to boil at 80-90 degrees Celsius, which also just-so-happens to be the perfect temperature to brew coffee at, as any coffee expert would tell you. The problem is, however, where do you find the good stuff? That is where the adorably-named Love Letter Cafe comes in.

Recently-open, only a month ago by Wang, a simple, modest guy who just loves to make (and drink) coffee, this is where the majority of Lijiang’s best Yunnan coffee beans go. Not just that, however. He also has Blue Mountain coffee beans of a beautiful grade. There are few places in Lijiang where you will get to learn more about coffee and/or simply learn about how to enjoy it.

If you consider yourself a coffee-lover, it would be a shame if you do not pay the Love Letter Cafe a visit when you come to Lijiang.

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