Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

Pizza Luo!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We have finally gotten to Pizza Luo (again), just this time, we’ve got our CAMERA!!

The staff of Panba LOVE the pizzas made by the pizza veteran, who is otherwise very simply known as “Mr. Luo”. He was once the head chef at a pizza restaurant before he decided he wanted to just have his own cozy little place where he could simply serve pizzas the way he wants to. (Thankfully, they’re AWESOME)

The pizzas here are petite, almost adorable little things, and yet they don’t feel small when you eat them. There is definitely at least 5 times as much topping as there is crust, and while this is in part due to the crust being paper-thin, it really lets the flavors somewhat scream out at you, while at the same time tasting surprisingly subtle.

This is especially true with the Spicy Beef Pizza, which is, for good reason, his best-selling pizza. Despite the obvious, a light spiciness that is unlikely to be overwhelming even to those who tend to stay away from the chillies, and beef, it is also surprisingly sweet, and yet it pulls away just in time, with just enough savory flavor to be just as enjoyable even to people who think they HATE sweet foods, just in the exact same manner that our favorite curries do (some among us will probably find that it tastes JUST LIKE curry).

Every single time we get a guest who would like some comfort food, Pizza Luo is always among our very top suggestions. No one so far has ever said anything less than a, “This is REALLY good. Really REALLY good!!!” and so while we would not guarantee that it’ll be the best pizza you’ve ever had, if you like pizza at all, we are pretty sure that it will definitely be among your favorites.

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