Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

过桥米线: Across the bridge noodles

Today the staff of Panba brought our guests from New Jersey, Grace & Justin to have some 过桥米线: which literally translates to “cross the bridge rice noodles”. About 5 minutes away from Panba by taxi, or about 15 minutes on foot. The restaurant, called Original Mengzi Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, serves nothing else, and has been in business for many years, and seems to have been using the very same recipe all this time.

You can find out more about the story behind the Across Bridge Rice Noodles right here!

On an entirely subjective note, we think that if you have ever tried it anywhere else and have been sorely disappointed by all the hype surrounding it, you should give it another chance here, because it somehow strikes a great balance of being incredibly affordable at 10RMB (about US$1.5), while being one of the best-tasting offerings in the Yunnan province.

The secret is all in the broth!

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