Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

Lijiang’s Up & Running Again!

Lijiang's electricity is back!!

Lijiang’s electricity is finally back! But then again, all it took was a couple of hours. Hurray! Panba is also happy to announce that every guest gets one free drink upon checking in, whether it is a fruit juice, soft drink, coffee, or BEER!

Our billiards room will also be up and running soon! (Once we get that darned billiards table, that is). For now, it makes for a great music room, where passionate musicians get to take full advantage of its amazing acoustics to let their souls be heard in absolute glory.

Here at Panba, we LOVE musicians, and if you happen to bump into Ken while you’re there, he’ll likely give you an additional beer on top of the free one you’re already entitled to; provided you play us a song (or two!). It is preferable that you use your own guitars / etc, because while we do provide a guitar for free use, it isn’t exactly a Gibson or Guild, you see. Heh.

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