Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

Lucky, the occasional unofficial mascot of Panba!

Lucky is a little puppy, and he belongs to Linda, one of the lovable staff members of Panba. He’s an adorable and somewhat silly little dog, who is afraid of round red things and likes to bark at anyone who walks past the hostel. (He also farts a lot).

Still a mischievous, fuzzy little fella. Look how he defiantly gives us "the tail" even while he is getting punished.

This is the Naughty Dog’s Chair, where Lucky is put onto whenever he is naughty; For example, when he barks too much at old ladies or pees / poo-poos in the hostel. Nyah-hah-hah.

We leave him up there for 5 – 10 minutes at a time, but it appears that it may not be enough. He never seems to learn. Or maybe he really IS that dumb. He is, after all, one of those dogs that not only chases his tail, but snarls and bares his teeth at it, and chews on it after catching it as well. So he isn’t exactly  the smartest dog we’ve ever seen.

But he’s oh-so-very-lovable as well! We don’t really like punishing him, but someone has to do it. And if he’s too naughty, he can’t stay at Panba! :(

If you like Lucky, say so! Yell it out! Bellow your love for this fuzzy little farter, all the way up to the heavens!!



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