Why not make your taste of Lijiang a TASTIER one?

LMC: Lijiang Millionaires’ Club!

Today, the staff of Panba (yes, that’s US!) went to the LMC, or rather, Lijiang Millionaires’ Club for lunch! It is tricky to find, since it is located in a little corner of the Lijiang Old Town, next to the river, ABOVE an entirely separate restaurant, called The Water Nymph, hence the photo above. We initially thought it would be some uppity high-class place, but it turned out to be quite a charming little hidden gem in itself, secretly hidden away, as mentioned earlier, above an entirely separate restaurant. Run by two ‘foreigners’ as the locals say, we only know that one of them is a New Zealander, and they have a Dutch volunteer there named Buzz (we think).

The pasta, probably more suited for western tastes, was beautiful as well, with chunks of goat cheese and hand-made noodles


The pasta is so amazingly pretty and adorable, we thought it was some form of dessert.

They have pizzas that (shockingly) possibly rivaled the pizzas made at our favorite pizza joint, Pizza Luo. While the normal pizzas that people are normally used to will have a more integrated flavor, the dishes made at LMC, pizzas included, tend to have a more loose, distinctly disjointed sort of flavor.


Flavors, to be more accurate. What I ordered was a “Bar Street” pizza, which basically means, a pizza with everything on it.

The soft, silky mozzarella holds everything together just enough, but after that, every ingredient sings its own tune. Every bite is an almost chaotic orchestra of flavors, as with each chew you get another flavor bursting out at your taste buds. This can actually be unsettling at first, and so it is an acquired taste.

But give it a chance.


This was all that remained of the Red Guard pizza by the time we could even get the camera. :S

You soon find, the saltiness of the bacon, for example, takes a back seat to allow the deep, subtly-sweet flavor of the butternut squash to flow through, after which they meld together again when you get to the creamy velvet chunk of goat cheese, and then – oh, what’s that? Ooooohh…. Mushroom..

Beautiful as well is the “Red Guard” pizza. Stated as a pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and “secret herbs”, the tomatoes are surprisingly, actually very juicy. The juice, however, is lightly salty yet tart and sweet. I’ve never been so happy with a pizza that didn’t have any meat in it before.

They have an amazing breakfast menu as well! . All organic ingredients, if we aren’t mistaken, with rich yet delicate flavors catered more towards those who prefer the subtler things in life. Staff of Panba will take you there for free, too! Heh. And no, we don’t get commission, silly. :)

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